Papel D’Ouro it’s a green brand because it produces textile paper – an ecological manufactured good – recycling fabrics by adding water (only 100 % cotton fibers are used).

So, this traditional craft allow us to obtain an 100 % wood free cotton fiber paper that holds an incredible creative potential which Papel D’Ouro explores, placing into the market a quality and personalized product made according to consumer’s needs and tastes.​​

The distinctive attributes of textile paper such as resistance, durability and softness, and also the potentiality of diversification through introduction of different textures or incorporation of natural elements, for instance, makes Papel D’Ouro’s paper and its derived eco-design objects special and timeless, covering a great range of applications: personalized guest´s books/portfolios/menu’s/photo albums, original lampshades, jewelry boxes, several packages, labels of wine bottles, etc. Ultimately, imagination is the limit!



“The name contains within itself what is named. Unveils the nominee. Says everything. In handwritten and quick letter, the words ‘Papel D ‘Ouro (meaning Gold Paper), end with a live and energetic underlined…  Logo of a Company that is distinguished by special support of words, and yet, in the origin of the name, words are called to mean even outside of the physical ‘paper’ space. The paper ends but what you want to communicate continues beyond …”​​​ – José Luís Sousa